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About Mariliza
Children's Institute of Technology

Mariliza Μαριλίζα Ποντικού

Mariliza Pontikou - Lignos

Early Childhood Educator

Educational Technology

STEAM Book Author

All started when in South Korea...

Having completed my studies in Early Childhood Education in Greece, I travelled to South Korea in order to explore new ways of teaching. While I was working there as an assistant teacher, I learned about S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and came back to Europe to finish my Master's degree at the Institute of Education , UCL specializing in Educational Technology. 

Looking for innovative ways and ideas in the teaching

methods used in preschool education, I obtained valuable practical experience from Swedish, and South Korean kindergartens. 

I am the author of two - the first ever - greek books published by Kastanotis publications.

Above all, I am mother of two supertastic and curious children, proud founder of Children's Institute of Technology, co-founder of EducAid NGO, passionate volunteer at Symplefsi NGO and member of Hellenic Education Society for STEM. 

My Philosophy and our space

My philosophy as an Early Childhood Educator revolves around creating a nurturing environment that cultivates a child's innate curiosity and fosters holistic development. I believe in the power of fostering a love for learning through hands-on experience, exploration, and play. Embracing the individuality of each child, I aim to create a supportive and inclusive space that encourages creativity, critical thinking and the development of essential social skills. By integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics into the learning process, I strive to prepare children for the ever-evolving digital world while ensuring a balance with hands-on, experiential learning. My commitment is to inspire a lifelong love for learning and empower young minds to become confident, inquisitive, and compassionate individuals. 

At our innovative learning space, we've curated an engaging environment where children, aged three and a half to twelve, embark on an exciting journey into the world of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Our hands-on approach to education is designed to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and instill a passion for exploration. Through carefully crafted activities and projects, we empower young minds to think critically, problem-solve, and embrace the wonders of discovery. Whether it's experimenting with science concepts, delving into technology, exploring engineering principles, expressing themselves through the arts, or diving into the realms of mathematics, every child discovers the joy of learning while developing essential skills for the future

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